Easy Parking now accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for payment

Since a few days, we accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as form of payment. 

How does it work ?

Before all, when you book through our website, choose "bank transfer" as form of payment. Once you validate your booking, you'll see the total price to pay. If you wish to pay with Bitcoin, it's super simple : go to this page and enter the exact amount in euros you have to pay and click on the "pay with Bitcoin" button. You'll then be redirected to our checkout page and the exact amount of Bitcoins you need to send. 

If you wish to pay in another cryptocurrency, please contact us.  

Our Bitcoin address is 1H4kha3xWMWkrFf1am5kCcezzdQyyCgMyy or easyparking.crypto (if your Bitcoin wallet supports .crypto adresses for payments)

We believe that in those times of heavy central banks interventions, owning cryptocurrencies is a good idea 😉


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